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I'm Julie Clarke

Advanced Birth and Post-Natal Doula Trainer

Hello! I’m delighted you’ve found my website. I can’t wait to help you create a wonderful new future work life for yourself.

Have you been dreaming of becoming a birth and post-natal doula? Well it’s easier than you realise.

I’ve created Australia’s most popular birth and post-natal doula training courses at very reasonable prices. Why? I want to help empower women to help empower other women.

Pregnancy, birth and motherhood is a time where women need other women’s empathy, support and guidance more than at any other time in their lives. This is true right across the world, and Australia currently has a severe lack of trained, qualified doulas.

Together we can improve the future for all women. We’re all feeling this, aren’t we? It’s our time to work together to create the changes that we need.

If you’re looking for doula training then I would love to support you on your journey. I invite you to get in touch via phone or email.


Renee Scifo
Selah Doula
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I first came across a video from Julie when I was looking for a doula course. Her voice stood out to me right away and how peacefully she spoke. She is confident in who she is and the value she can bring. She never "over-sold" her service.

She made me curious as she spoke highly of women-empowerment and spoke about birth as if it was pure wonder. I called Julie right on the spot and she spent more than 20min with me, explaining her Training Program, which was highly flexible which is what I need at this stage of my life. I had a good feeling about her competency and genuine compassion. I told her that I had an insecurity about my dyslexia and she left me feeling affirmed that I'm "safe with her".

I think this is the most valuable trait of a great doula, and I definitely have felt safe with her, at every step of the training. If I was looking for a doula myself, she is definitely the one I'd want to learn from. I completed Julie's work books and loved the way she guided me to dig deeper and research my own answers.

She regularly asked about what I would do in a certain circumstance as a doula, which helped give me the confidence to see myself as a doula, although I was still in-training.

I felt she was great at coaching me to see myself where I want to be, and to remember that learning is a lifelong journey.

I also booked to see Julie face-to-face at her cosy home for 4 full days of mentoring.

She was so flexible and worked around my schedule. I saw her 3 times and we left the 4th meeting till after my first client's birth. We spoke for hours and I learnt so much in such a short amount of time. On top of the valuable Information I learned, I was very inspired and I felt confident that being a doula is truly the path for me. Julie is incredibly generous. It was so nice to meet an experienced doula who still loves birth with such a passion and an awe for birth.

She has a great desire to see couples empowered and be supportive of each other, and to see healthy families in our society.
Lorraine Di Prinzio
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Hi Julie

Thank you so much for our chat this morning. 😊 It has been so comforting to know that you are just a phone call away to talk about any questions I have had about both of the Doula courses & work books.

Your knowledge just inspires me! It has been an amazing eye opening journey for me. You are an amazing lady…Thank you!

I was worried that at almost 60 years I would struggle with some aspects of the course, but you made the journey one that I am proud of.

I have loved every moment doing both of the courses! It has kept me sane whilst being in “isolation” during this terrible time.

I have gained so much knowledge. Wow how things have changed since I had my two wonderful boys (now men) back in the eighties. Women need to feel empowered and know they have choices, and not be afraid to use their voices.

When I first started the Birth Doula Course, watching the you- tube videos and reading the books it just blew me away. I cried watching most of the videos. The sheer joy of so many natural births and the way the Doulas supported these births/parents. So calm and relaxed! And the babies were not whisked away from their Mother’s!

I’ve just completed the Post- Partum Doula Course, and again it was amazing and I found it actually answered so many un answered questions for me and closed doors on a lot of my questions from back in the eighties.

The importance of “being supported”, encouraged and reassured, that yes there is help out there if you need it and do not be afraid to ask for it.

Going onto websites was wonderful, so much information! I just kept reading and reading. I would love to do refresher courses/ workshops to keep up to date with everything and learn new skills.

Thank you again Julie!

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